• technical debt Dec 16, 2019

    Every organization needs to improve its technological capabilities. Both insiders and outsiders should factor the shortfalls that exist into their assessments of future success.

  • narratives everywhere Sep 30, 2019

    As investment professionals, we are faced with stories big and small. We should spend more time evaluating how we analyze and react to them.

  • the future of analysis Aug 14, 2019

    The field of intelligence analysis can offer important analogies to those involved in investment decision making. The former, says one expert, "is at an inflection point." So are we.

  • pay to play Jul 24, 2019

    There are many behind-the-scenes agreements and relationships that affect the quality of information that we have about investments, potentially driving investor behavior in detrimental ways.

  • mind the gaps May 23, 2019

    Long-term excellence in investment organizations comes from continuous improvement and the willingness to identify and remedy the shortfalls that exist.

  • watching you May 8, 2019

    With the emergence of new surveillance capabilities, there are questions about what constitutes productive investment work and where the lines of oversight should be drawn.

  • a chemistry is performed Mar 28, 2019

    Throughout the investment world, whether you're analyzing a company or an asset manager, the amount of transparency available to you should be a part of your decision process.

  • dear prudence Jan 21, 2019

    An amorphous concept is meant to guide investment decision makers. Some thoughts about its day-to-day application.

  • the dangers of maximization Nov 18, 2018

    Searching for the very best manager, model, strategy, or asset class is the classic investment game. But is it the one that we should be playing?

  • best and brightest Oct 22, 2018

    A look back at a critical failure in American political and military history provides some lessons for those leading and analyzing investment organizations.

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