Someone described my Twitter feed as “outstanding original material and excellent links.”  It’s all about the investment ecosystem — anything and everything, as long as it’s interesting and worthwhile.

The rest of my activities include work as a consultant, advisor, and writer:

tjb research ~ I provide consulting services to investment organizations and institutional investors.  I specialize in customized, creative solutions that add value to investment processes and communications.  Check out the tjb research website for more information.

the research puzzle ~ My original blog, the research puzzle, features essays on how investment decisions are made and how the industry operates.  The large back catalog includes postings on important issues for investment professionals and their clients.  Please contact me if you’d like some suggestions on where to start.

research puzzle pix ~ Each edition of research puzzle pix includes a chart of interest and commentary on it.  (See the most recent one in the sidebar to your right.)  The charts vary in content from stocks to bonds to commodities to economics — and highlight popular investment vehicles and strategies.

research puzzle pieces ~ A Tumblr-based site, this “scrapbook” features quick takes on developments in the investment world — past, present, and future.

the prudent fiduciary digest ~ This free newsletter comes out every few weeks.  It contains items of interest for investment trustees and others who have a fiduciary responsibility to make sound investment decisions.

tjb advisors ~ In addition to my consulting and writing, I provide investment advice to clients looking for an in-depth and independent view of their investment situation and decision making process.