• the investment ecosystem Dec 6, 2016

    The conditions are in place for some big changes in the investment industry environment over the next few years. Will you be ready?

  • watching the flows Oct 20, 2016

    The cash flows moving from manager to manager and strategy to strategy get plenty of attention, but some important aspects of those flows are easily overlooked.

  • in the company of women Sep 21, 2016

    What kinds of people will investment organizations need to succeed in the future? How will they need to work together?

  • the tests ahead Sep 7, 2016

    In an unexpected development, the beliefs and techniques that were ridiculed after the financial crisis are more in vogue today. Some musings about that.

  • changing classifications Aug 8, 2016

    Our investing decisions are made on top of a framework of asset definitions, which grow out of date over time. They should be kept fresh (and communicated well).

  • high conviction Jul 14, 2016

    Another buzzword has entered the industry lexicon, but while it's thrown around to impress, what's really there?

  • programmed or nonprogrammed Jun 15, 2016

    There are two main approaches to investing, one in which machines make the decisions (based upon a set of rules) and one which is driven directly by human choices. Some thoughts on that divide.

  • a best practice for funds May 24, 2016

    Mutual fund governance is hampered by the lack of independent information for fund directors. Here's a simple proposal to close the gap.

  • starting somewhere Apr 17, 2016

    Performance chasing is endemic in the investment business, especially regarding the selection of managers. Can we design it out of our processes just as we have designed it in?

  • work issues Mar 23, 2016

    What are the attributes of a successful team? Are they any different in an investment organization than any other one?

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